IDA Code of Business Conduct

These are the guidelines by which members of the International Door Association (IDA) are guided in their interactions and relationship with their customers, competitors, and employees.

  1. Customer Satisfaction – Customer satisfaction should be of utmost importance to IDA members. IDA members should establish customer satisfaction as a top priority, and strive to resolve all complaints in an appropriate manner.
  2. Truth in Selling IDA members should not engage in misleading selling techniques and practices.
  3. Responsible Conduct – IDA members should not engage in conduct or business practices likely to discredit the door and access systems industry.
  4. Truth in Advertising – Advertising, company and product literature, letters, sales presentations, and other communications should be truthful and should not make claims which are misleading, inaccurate, or otherwise misrepresent the company, product, services, pricing, or warranties.
  5. Safety Compliance – IDA members shall provide a safe working environment for employees and shall comply with applicable safety regulations. In addition, IDA members shall provide information to customers regarding safety features of products and safety precautions to be taken in the safe operation and proper maintenance of a door system.
  6. Contracts for Products and Services – All proposals and contracts for products and services shall comply with applicable contract law regulations.
  7. Sealed Bid Procedures – When the sealed bid process is utilized, IDA members should not seek to obtain price information concerning a competitor’s bid or proposal before all bids are opened.
  8. Regulatory Compliance – Product installation, service, and inspection services shall comply with all applicable building codes, ordinances, regulations, and laws. Products shall be installed in accordance with the specific installation instructions provided by the product manufacturer and applicable product listings.