As May rolls in, it brings with it an important reminder from the International Door Association (IDA) — it is Garage Door Safety Month!

At J & L Door Service, Inc., we take this opportunity to raise awareness about crucial safety issues surrounding commercial garage doors and discuss tips to prevent falling victim to scams from non-reputable contractors in the industry.

Our commitment to safety extends beyond installation and maintenance. We are here to help you identify garage door scams and stay protected year-round. Here are some essential steps to ensure commercial garage door safety this May:


Commercial Garage Doors in Cleveland, Mentor, Painesville, Solon, Streetsboro, and Chesterland, OHRegularly inspect your commercial garage doors, including springs, cables, and rollers, for any signs of wear and tear. Addressing these issues promptly can prevent potential accidents and costly repairs down the line.


Be attentive to any grinding or scraping sounds when operating your garage doors. These noises may indicate underlying mechanical issues that require professional attention.


Educate yourself and your staff about commercial garage door safety practices, such as keeping the opener and remote control in a secure location, avoiding placing fingers or hands near moving door sections, and keeping garage doors closed and remote controls out of sight to deter theft.


If you notice any concerns or irregularities with your commercial garage door, contact a trained garage door professional immediately. Conduct thorough research to verify the credentials and reputation of the contractor to avoid falling victim to scams or subpar services.

At J & L Door Service, Inc., we are your trusted partner in commercial garage door education, installation, and maintenance in Cleveland, Mentor, Painesville, Solon, Streetsboro, Chesterland, OH, and the surrounding areas. As members of the IDA, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind not only during Garage Door Safety Month, but year-round!

Contact us today for expert guidance and reliable services for your commercial garage doors in Cleveland, Mentor, Painesville, Solon, Streetsboro, Chesterland, OH, or the surrounding areas!