Safety / Security Products

In this day and age, the safety and security of your employees, customers, inventory and facilities should be of utmost importance. We offer a wide variety of products to enhance the safety and security of your facilities. Our Safety and Security Products include:

  • Barrier Arms to Control Access to Your Facility
  • Fire Doors to Help Prevent the Spread of Fire and Control Egress in the Event of an Emergency
  • Auto-Rest Fire Doors to Help Ensure Your Fire Doors Will Close in the Event of an Alarm Situation
  • Security Bollards to Prevent Vehicular Access to an Area
  • Gates and Gate Operators to Control Perimeter Access to Your Facility
  • Sensing Edges, Optic Sensors, Loop Detectors, Motion Sensors, Light Curtains and Photo-Electric Eyes to Protect Pedestrians and Vehicular Traffic
  • Smart Controls to Activate Security Products From a Remote Location

Vehicle Crash Bollards

Rolling Steel Fire Doors