Dock Equipment

J & L Door Service, Inc. offers a wide variety of dock equipment. Having the proper dock equipment is critical to your company’s safety plan. We offer dock seals, dock shelters, dock levelers, truck restraints and dock lights. It is critical that you utilize integrated equipment for optimal safety performance in your shipping and receiving areas.

The safety of your dock areas are critical to your overall facility safety program. Your dock doors and dock equipment are high traffic areas with heavy truck and fork truck activity. Your dock areas are also exposed to inclement weather and dirt. For these reasons, it is extremely important to consider routine planned maintenance inorder to keep your dock doors and dock equipment in good working order.

At J & L Door Service, Inc., we are able to perform a complete evaluation of you dock areas to ensure you are operating in a safe and productive manner. If you think we can be of help, please contact us at (440) 729-4261 or

Dock Bumpers

Pit Levelers

Dock Lighting