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Rolling fire doors are an integral part of facility’s life safety program. When functioning properly, rolling fire doors are designed to protect personnel, inventory, and your facility. However, rolling fire doors need to be inspected and tested annually by Certified Fire Door Technicians to ensure they will function as a means of fire protection for your facility.

At J&L Door Service, LLC, we provide affordable and professional fire door inspections in Chesterland, Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and the surrounding areas. With a team of IDEA Certified Rolling Steel Fire Door Technicians in our corner, we ensure that your rolling fire doors are doing their job and keeping your property protected.

We even set you up in our automated system to ensure that you are keeping up on rolling fire door inspections. Is it time for your next rolling fire door drop test? Contact us today to schedule a rolling fire door inspection.

A Garage Door in Need of Rolling Fire Door Drop Test Near Chesterland, OH
Certified Rolling Fire Door Inspections Near Chesterland, OH

Rolling Fire Door Inspections

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) your rolling fire doors are required to be inspected and tested every year. Our certified team of technicians conducts inspections and ensures that all parts of your rolling fire doors are functioning properly. From checking doors for damage to ensuring that all components of your door’s assembly are properly aligned, and more, it is our goal to keep your property safe by ensuring that your doors are in optimal shape.

By adhering to recommended testing protocols from the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA) and in accordance with NFPA, we conduct rolling fire door inspections with attention to detail. If we do happen to identify issues with your rolling fire door, we will document those issues and offer our professional advice on how to move forward. Here’s what a rolling fire door inspection includes:

  • Visual Inspection– Our IDEA-certified technicians conduct a visual inspection of the assembly of your rolling fire door.
  • Operational Evaluation– We conduct an operational test of your rolling fire doors to ensure they will open and close when in non-fire activation mode.
  • Drop Test– A rolling fire door drop test is conducted. This test includes activating the release mechanism on the door to ensure it will close in an alarm situation. We then reset the alarm activation device and test the door a second time. This ensure that the door was properly reset. We then reset the door into alarm activation/fire protection mode.

Rolling Fire Door Drop Test

Your fire doors not only prevent the spread of fires, but they create a safe means of escape for your employees and customers should you have a fire emergency. In addition, when properly equipped with smoke seals, they can help prevent the spread of deadly smoke throughout your facility.

We encourage our customers to have their fire doors inspected on an annual basis. Just because you may have sprinklers or fire extinguishers, does not mean you can do without your fire doors working properly. We still wear seatbelts with the addition of airbags and warning devise.

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