Sliding Partitions / Grilles


Sliding partitions / grilles are available in a wide variety of designs and materials. Sliding partitions / grilles are particularly beneficial when securing a large area, where head room may be limited and when a curved travel area is required.

There is a variety of materials that can be used to construct the sliding partition / grille. These materials include aluminum, steel and stainless steel. Finishes include anodizing, powder coating and stainless steel finishes.

Designs can include solid with glass or Lexan, perforated to allow air flow and open pattern design for optimal visibility and security.

Applications can include store fronts (often used behind glass), institutional buildings to partition off certain locations after hours, food service areas such as cafeterias, sport complexes or mall concessions, and retail locations.

If you need a secured area with high visibility then a sliding partition / grille may be the optimal solution.