Fire Doors in Cleveland, Streetsboro, Painesville, Mentor, OH, Solon, OH, and Chesterland: Why Fire Doors?

Are you doing everything you can to keep your business safe? What about the safety of your employees and customers? Fire doors are an integral part of your facility’s Life Safety Plan. Fire Protection The most obvious and notable benefit of fire doors is fire protection. Our fire doors are fabricated from steel/stainless steel that [...]

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5 Types of Commercial Doors for Your Business in Mentor, OH, Cleveland, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and Chesterland

You probably do not give a lot of thought to your commercial doors. However, your commercial doors have an important job to do. From enhancing the look and aesthetic of your business, to keeping your building safe and secure, your commercial doors matter! Whether you are a hospital, office, warehouse, or small mom & pop [...]

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5 Benefits of Roll Up Doors Cleveland, Streetsboro, Mentor, OH, Solon, OH, Painesville, and Chesterland

Are you looking for a low-maintenance, but high-security door solution for your business? If so, the roll up door is the right choice for you. Taking up a minimal amount of space, roll up door technology is less vulnerable to excessive repair costs. Lower repair and maintenance costs can save significant money over time. Not [...]

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Reading the Signs: Tell-Tale Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Sectional Overhead Door in Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Chesterland, and Streetsboro

If you own or operate a business, then you know just how important your commercial doors are. But if your sectional overhead door isn't working properly, you may be vulnerable to break ins, harsh weather conditions, and other threatening conditions that put your entire operation at risk. Not sure if your sectional overhead door needs [...]

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Are Your Fire Doors Properly Maintained in Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and Chesterland

October is Fire Safety Month. Will the fire doors in your facility successfully close in the event of a fire or alarm activation? Are your custoemrs, employees and facilities protect by properly functioning fire doors? In recent years, the average annual property loss due to fire has been over $21 billion dollars. Why should I [...]

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Top Five Things to Consider when Selecting Commercial Doors in Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and Chesterland

You probably didn’t think it was too challenging to select commercial doors, but there are many different aspects that go into installing the right door. You probably think that you should decide based on costs. However, there are some things you should consider that pertain to your business, use, and building. Construction material - Where [...]

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Top 5 Benefits of Roll Up Door Installations in Cleveland, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, Mentor, OH, Chesterland, and the Surrounding Areas

Roll-up door installations are probably what most people think of when it comes to commercial garage doors. After all, time is money, and those doors need to get out of the way! So in the spirit of one of the top favorite types of commercial garage doors, let’s look at some of the reasons why [...]

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Using The Right Commercial Garage Doors Remain Important for Your Building in or Around Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, and Chesterland

Commercial garage doors go through a lot of tough handling. Believe us, we’ve seen it all throughout Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, Chesterland and surrounding areas. Think of all the opening and closing, the run-ins, environmental conditions, and more. And while you think your current commercial garage door may still have some life [...]

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Gate Operators for Security and Comfort for Cleveland, Streetsboro, Painesville, Solon, Mentor, Chesterland, and Surrounding Areas

If you have a fence around your commercial or residential property, we know you are serious about security. But how high-tech is your gate? Do you use a chain and lock to secure it? When you're ready to upgrade your gate's security and effectiveness, call J & L Door Service. You could have the convenience [...]

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How to Save Money by Using High Performance Doors in Cleveland, Solon, OH, Chesterland, Streetsboro, Painesville, Mentor, OH and Surrounding Areas

Warm spring days and cool autumn afternoons are a great time to leave your commercial overhead door open to let in fresh air. However, we know how quickly the weather can change in Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Solon, OH, Chesterland, Streetsboro, Painesville, and Mentor, OH. Hot afternoons, lake-effect snow and winds, scorching dog [...]

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