Do you need a planned maintenance service program for your overhead doors, operators and dock equipment? Absolutely and for the following reasons:

Planned Maintenance Cleveland, OHIO

  1. Safety – Your overhead doors are probably the largest moving item in your facility. They also are in openings with pedestrian and or vehicular traffic. A properly executed planned maintenance program will help to ensure your doors are in good working order and functioning safely. Properly functioning equipment is vital for your employee’s safety and well-being.
  2. Avoid unexpected downtime and costly repairs – Equipment, including doors never break at a convenient time. When doors in your receiving area are not working properly, you cannot receive material bring production to a standstill. When loading dock doors prevent you from shipping products in a timely manner, your customers and bottom line suffer. Properly maintained doors will help minimize downtime and keep unexpected repairs to a minimum. Maintain your doors on your schedule not just when they breakdown.
  3. Helps with budgeting – J & L Door Service can provide assistance in budgeting for your equipment expense. By evaluating previous service records, the age of your doors, and frequency of usage, we can help determine annual repair and replacement costs.

Consider a planned maintenance service program for your overhead doors, coiling doors, rolling fire doors and dock equipment. Contact us for a no-cost estimate for your planned maintenance program.