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Risks of DIY Commercial Door Maintenance in Painesville, Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, Chesterland, and Surrounding Areas

As a business owner you may be tempted to cut corners in order to save money. While there are areas of your business that you can afford to save on, commercial door maintenance is not one of them. Although, when you maintain your door, you save on costly repairs in the long-run! Commercial door maintenance [...]

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Answering FAQs About High Speed Overhead Doors in Streetsboro, Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Solon, OH, Painesville, Chesterland, and Surrounding Areas

Are you looking into high speed overhead doors for your Northeast Ohio business? High speed overhead doors are a great choice for businesses that want to maximize productivity and get the return on investment. Still not sure if high speed overhead doors are right for you? Check out these answered FAQs about high speed overhead [...]

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What Happens When You Skip Commercial Overhead Door Maintenance in Painesville, Cleveland, Streetsboro, Mentor, OH, Chesterland, Solon, OH, and Nearby Cities?

Whether you believe it or not, your commercial overhead doors are one of the most important technologies in your warehouse. Not only do your doors keep your merchandise protected, keep your work processes flowing and aid in the overall safety of your workplace. As such an important technology, commercial overhead doors need to receive regular [...]

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I Have a Sprinkler System, Do I Need to Test My Commercial Fire Doors Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Solon, OH, Painesville, Streetsboro, Chesterland, and Surrounding Areas?

Redundancy is a positive feature when life safety is involved. The automotive industry did not eliminate seat belts with the advent of the air bag. Most consumers did not stop wearing seat belts when air bags became standard equipment. Why should fire-protection life-safety issues be any different? Active and passive systems provide different protection in [...]

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3 Reasons Why Galvanex® UltraTM and SpectraShield® UltraTM are the Superior Top Coat Solutions for Your Commercial Garage Doors in Cleveland, Painesville, Mentor, Solon, Streetsboro, Chesterland, OH, and Surrounding Areas

You may be surprised to hear that your commercial garage doors are a reflection of your business. So, what is the message that your commercial garage doors are portraying? At J& L Door Service, Inc. not only do we offer commercial garage doors in Cleveland, Painesville, Mentor, Solon, Streetsboro, Chesterland, OH, and the surrounding areas, [...]

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Three Reasons Why J & L Door Service, Inc. is the Preferred Choice for Commercial Garage Doors & Services in Painesville, Mentor, OH, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, Cleveland, Chesterland, and Surrounding Areas

You likely do not give a lot of thought to your commercial garage doors. But when you have a break-in, company emergency, or are in need of commercial garage door repairs, you become perpetually aware that your commercial garage doors matter. Sitting at the top of a long list of benefits of commercial garage doors [...]

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Three Aspects of Rolling Fire Door Inspections in Chesterland, Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and Nearby Cities

Rolling fire doors are a steel commercial door option that keeps your business protected in the event of a fire, break-in, or other unpleasant circumstance. While fire doors are a great addition to your commercial building or factory, they must be regularly inspected to ensure they are functioning at manufacturer standards. These inspections are conducted [...]

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Answering FAQs About Rolling Fire Door Drop Tests in Chesterland, Cleveland, Mentor, OH, Painesville, Solon, OH, Streetsboro, and Surrounding Areas

If you have commercial rolling fire doors, then you are expected to have regular rolling fire door drop tests conducted by a certified technician. But what are rolling fire door drop tests, and why do they matter? We are here to answer your frequently asked questions about rolling fire door drop tests, which may include: [...]

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Overhead Garage Doors in Cleveland, Mentor, Willoughby, Streetsboro, and Painesville: Planned Maintenance Program

The harsh winter in Northeast Ohio is finally over and warmer temperatures are right around the corner. Did your overhead doors perform throughout the winter months? Typically, overhead doors in Cleveland, Chardon, Solon, and Chesterland get more usage in winter months as companies want to keep the cold out and the heat in. Now may [...]

2022-05-03T14:33:21-04:00May 3rd, 2022|

Recommended Rolling Door Maintenance Practices for Building Maintenance Supervisors in Cleveland, Mentor, Solon, and Painesville, Ohio

IMPORTANT WARNING The counterbalance assembly and its related parts are always under EXTREME spring tension. Only a trained, certified door technician with a through knowledge of the mechanism, using proper tools, should adjust, and repairs. Severe personal injury or death may result from improperly attempting adjustments or repairs. A trained and certified doors systems technician [...]

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