The counterbalance assembly and its related parts are always under EXTREME spring tension. Only a trained, certified door technician with a through knowledge of the mechanism, using proper tools, should adjust, and repairs. Severe personal injury or death may result from improperly attempting adjustments or repairs.

A trained and certified doors systems technician should perform periodic inspections and maintenance at least annually or per the door manufacturer’s recommendations.

Component Inspections

Commercial Rolling Door in Cleveland, Mentor, Solon, Painesville, and OhioHeadplate Brackets

  • Bracket should be securely fastened on a vertical plane and perpendicular to the wall. Contact a technician if sway bracing is required.
  • Call for service if the bearings look or sound worn.
  • Tension wheel or charge wheel should remain stationary during operation of the door. Call for service if required.


  • Wall angles should be secured to the jambs with appropriate fasteners in each slot.
  • Guide assembly fasteners should be secure in each hole.
  • The gap in the guide should be uniform at the top of the door and at the bottom of the door.
  • Damaged or bent guides should not bind the curtain and bottom bar.
  • The guide stops are to be secure to prevent over-travel of the door curtain and bottom bar.


  • The hood should be securely fastened to the wall so it will not fall.
  • The hood should not bind the curtain as the door is operating.

Curtain and Bottom Bar

The curtain should move freely in the guides during travel of the door.

All endlocks and windlocks should be securely fastened to ensure proper operation of the door.

Damaged or bent slats should not bind in the guides during travel of the door.

If the bottom bar has locks, inspect the locks for proper operation.


  • The door will make noise during normal operation. Any grinding or rubbing noises should be brought to the attention of a technician.
  • The door should travel freely and not bind up while moving up or down.
  • The curtain and bottom bar should be level during travel of the door.

Safety Labels

  • Verify that all product and safety labels are legible and securely fastened to the door.

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