High-speed overhead doors are a type of upward acting door used in commercial and industrial businesses. These doors open and close very quickly and are impactable, which can be a great benefit in areas of high traffic with the need to control the environment.

Opting for a high-speed overhead door can seem like an expensive choice. However, these doors have many benefits for specific business purposes. High-performance doors like these can increase productivity and save money for your business.

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Benefits of High-Speed Overhead Doors

High Speed Overhead Doors in Cleveland, Mentor, Streetsboro, PainesvilleThe following are some of the significant advantages of high-speed overhead doors.

Higher Security

Since these types of doors can open and close extremely quickly, they offer higher security for your building. The speed at which these doors open and close offers little to no options for unauthorized people to enter your building.

Ease of Access and Higher Productivity

Again, since these types of doors open and close so quickly, your business will see higher productivity. Your employees will no longer have to wait around for large doors to slowly open and close. With a high-speed overhead door, they can easily access what they need and get right back to the task at hand.

Energy Efficiency

High-speed overhead doors can save money for your business by providing energy efficiency. With quickly opening and closing doors, the temperatures in extreme environments can’t reach your building as well. This mechanism not only saves money by not allowing your heat or air conditioning into the outside world but increases comfort inside your building with higher environmental control.

Creates a Sterile Environment

High-speed overhead doors’ engineering help create sterile environments. We understand that certain activities or products need a controlled environment. High-speed overhead doors help to prevent gases, fumes, or chemicals from reaching the public.

These doors can also prevent unwanted contaminants like rodents, insects, or polluted air from entering your building. This type of door solution can help keep your community and product safe by preventing interior and exterior contamination.

A significant benefit for many high-performance doors is there durability. If a high-performance door is hit by a vehicle or tow motor, most of the time the door can be easily reset and back in operation within a matter of minutes. Vinyl and rubber curtain construction along with break-away bottom bars allow the door to be released from the tracks when impacted and then easily reset back in to operation. This saves on downtime, costly service calls, and repair parts.

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