Warm spring days and cool autumn afternoons are a great time to leave your commercial overhead door open to let in fresh air. However, we know how quickly the weather can change in Cleveland and the surrounding areas of Solon, OH, Chesterland, Streetsboro, Painesville, and Mentor, OH. Hot afternoons, lake-effect snow and winds, scorching dog days of summer, and more are all some of the extremes in the Cleveland area.

High Performance Doors in Cleveland, Solon, OH, Painesville, Mentor, OHSo if you’re looking for a better solution to help save on energy costs by avoiding exposure to temperature extremes, high performance doors are the way to go. With high performance doors, your dock will experience closing and opening speeds of 48” to 60” per second. Even if a truck is backed up to the dock seals, you know there are leaks and differences in the truck cargo hold that affect your indoor temperatures.

High performance doors from J & L Door Service, Inc. are made to save money in other ways besides protecting against temperature extremes, “high performance” refers to more than just the opening and closing speed.

For one, high performance doors can be constructed of fabric or rubber so that an impact won’t damage the curtain. With added breakaway bottom bars at the bottom of the door, you can reset bars back into the guide as needed to avoid a service call and a disruption in business.

So, the “high performance” of high performance doors refers to speed and construction, but how about operational performance and durability? Well, you can expect your high performance doors to last for 300,000 to 1,000,000 operational cycles. Part of this long life is that high performance doors have fewer parts, so there are fewer components to break or wear down.

The result is that high performance doors are a bit more of an investment. Still, between energy savings, reduced service calls, and a longer operational life cycle, you’re looking at overall cost savings. Contact J & L Door Service, Inc. today to discuss your options in high performance doors in Cleveland, Solon, OH, Chesterland, Streetsboro, Painesville, and Mentor, OH.