Step #1 – Determine the size of the opening and define the clearance area around the sides and top of the opening. Different doors have different clearance requirements, so you will want to make sure you have enough clearance to install your door in Cleveland, Ohio. The size of the opening will determine the materials used to manufacture the door. Larger doors may require heavier gauge steel or larger steel angles for the guides.

Glass Panel Overhead Door with Red Poles Next to It in Cleveland, OHStep #2 – What is the application for the door? Will pedestrians be passing through the opening? If so, there are safety features to consider. Will there be large equipment passing through the opening? If so, could the door get hit, then you should consider heavy duty door construction. Understanding the application is critical to selecting the correct overhead door for your project in Cleveland.

Step #3 – Environmental Conditions play a significant role in selecting the correct overhead door. Are you trying to keep the exterior environment from penetrating your interior environment? Is it important to maintain a certain temperature in the room where the door is installed? You may want to consider an insulated door for your overhead door project in Cleveland. Will the door be installed in a clean room or a dirty manufacturing area environment? Will the door be mounted outside? If so, you will need to protect the operating mechanism from the elements.

Step #4 – How often will the door be used? The more frequent the door is used determines the engineering and manufacturing criteria for the door. Doors can be opened in the morning and closed at the end of business. Others can cycle hundreds of times during a day. Knowing the amount of usage is important to determine the correct door for the application.

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