Roll-up door installations are probably what most people think of when it comes to commercial garage doors. After all, time is money, and those doors need to get out of the way! So in the spirit of one of the top favorite types of commercial garage doors, let’s look at some of the reasons why the commercial roll up door is so popular throughout Cleveland, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, Mentor, OH, Chesterland, and the surrounding areas.

Roll up doors enhance security protection.

Roll Up Door in Cleveland, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, MentorRoll up doors can come in several different options, including aluminum and steel. Mount them on secure tracks, and now you’ve got excellent protection against theft, break-ins, and other dangers.

Roll up doors are more cost effective to maintain

Roll up doors have fewer moving parts than a traditional commercial overhead door. Basic maintenance can be performed by your maintenance staff. Repairs can be more cost effective as well. Instead of replacing an entire commercial overhead door section or sections, you may only need to replace one or two curtain slats. Long term maintenance costs can be significantly lower with a roll up door.

Roll up doors are space savers.

Here’s a reason why they are a favorite in tight spaces. Many roll up doors can roll up into minimal areas. With rolling doors there is no track that comes back into the room, taking up valuable storage space. This is why you’ll find roll up doors in many places where having the right space is key, such as moving inventory or having a low ceiling.

Roll up doors are customizable

Roll up doors are available in a wide range of sizes, from as small as 2’0” wide X 2’0” high to 70’0” wide X 60’0” in height. This range of sizes allows for great flexibility in building design and building modifications. Roll up doors are also customizable for crane openings and other equipment modifications.

There are plenty more reasons, such as needing your customized size and more. And when you need to find the perfect roll up door in Cleveland, Painesville, Streetsboro, Solon, OH, Mentor, OH, Chesterland, and the surrounding areas, look no further than J & L Door Service.